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Magat-Cagayan Watershed Management Study

ArcView GIS Database

This contains the digitized data for analyzing natural and socio-economic conditions surrounding the Magat-Cagayan River Valley using a GIS Database. The items that were digitized are as follows:

  • Topographic Maps
    The topographic features of the study were digitized using 1:50,000 NAMRIA map. Built-up areas were delineated as a large polygon and its attribute information were encoded to each layer structure. For digitizing roads, rivers and contour lines, the duplicated mapping plate (polyester base) was used to obtain high accuracy of topographic positions and geometric correction. Obstructions such as high-tension power and telephone lines were digitized as line features while buildings and control points were presented as point features. Administrative boundaries were also digitized.

  • Thematic Maps
    Thematics Maps classifying existing vegetation and land cover themes were created using SPOT Satellite Imagery. Barangay boundary were digitized and integrated as a polygon layer in the final GIS Database. Demographics data for the project areas were included in the final database to provide more analytical capability to the GIS.

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