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The Study on Mapping and Land Cover Assessment of Mangrove Areas

The project sites are situated in three different provinces of the Philippines, namely, Aparri in Cagayan; Lamon Bay in Quezon; and Ulugan Bay in Palawan.

ArcView GIS Database

The graphical database constructed from the digitized design files were imported into the ArcView format to provide a connection between the graphical data (maps) and its inherent site information. An attribute database for the whole project was done using the Microsoft Excel application. One database contains all the information pertaining to the economic situation of the project site. The work item includes the following:

  • Base Maps/Index Maps
    The original base maps and index maps for all locations were digitized in MicroStation using flatbed digitizing tablets. These digital drawings contain all the planimetric features as they appear on the original maps. Each map attribute (i.e. roads, text, river, forest areas, etc.) was encoded using its own corresponding properties like color, weight, level, etc. Polygons were generated for land use features and political boundaries.

  • Scanned Photographs
    Photographs taken during the fieldwork for the various sites were scanned to produce a digital image. These scanned images were incorporated into the ArcView database for reference.

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