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The Study on Strengthening NIA’s Management System

objective of the study is to formulate an Improvement Plan for strengthening of NIA’s management system aiming at more efficient and effective implementation and operation of irrigation projects/systems, and to carry out technology transfer to Philippine counterpart personnel in the course of the study. In order to do this, a comprehensive database must first be created for all the irrigation systems that fall under the NIA management. This GIS Database will be installed in selected NIA Regional Offices to help them have up-to-date information on their areas of jurisdiction.

ArcView GIS Database

The specifications of the GIS were determined through discussions with NIA’s personnel and upon the approval of JICA Headquarters. The GIS maps created for this study were in the scales of 1:50,000 and 1:4,000.

On the Scale 1/50,000 On the Scale 1/40,000
Purpose To store the basic information on the irrigation development.

To prepare the basic data for selection of the priority irrigation projects.
To monitor the activities/ services related to irrigation service fee (ISF) collection.

To monitor the ISF collection system based on eac farmer's land area
Target National Irrigation Projects (NIPs) to be implemented up to the year 2004 (about 370,000 ha).

Existing National Irrigation Systems (NISs: about 680,000 ha).
About 1,000 ha in a National Irrigation System (NIS).

The target area were determined through discussions with the NIA competent personnel.
Remarks The results of the Inventory Survey on the irrigation facilities will be used as the basic data to be stored in this GIS. The target site should be selected in consideration of the connections and relations with the existing related studies/projects.

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