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Mt. Pinatubo Hazard Mitigation Project

This project is located in the Pasig-Portrero River Basin. The purpose was to create a before & after scenario for areas surrounding Mt. Pinatubo that were affected by the volcanic erruption.

Database and Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

This is being used for three-dimensional lahar flow simulation. The work item includes the following:

  • 1:10,000 Base Maps Prior To Erruption
    Base maps & topographic maps that were made prior to the eruption were digitized into CAD files. Houses, road, river and elevation features were classified in different attributes. A DTM was created from contour data from digitized data.

  • 1:10,000 Base Maps After Erruption
    Base maps & topographic maps made from actual field suyrvey data made after the erruption were digitized into CAD files. Mega Dike and contour lines were digitalized and installed in different layers respectively. New features such as roads, dikes and waterways were also noted by comparison with the old data. A new DTM was created from the ground survey data. By comparing the 2 digital map sets the GIS Database was able to make flood analysis predictions on areas that are vulnerable during the rainy seasons.

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